We are looking for land

Bubble Tent Germany is always on the lookout for suitable properties. Below you will learn what we need.

Our checklist for properties

We lease the land

If you lease a property to us, Bubble Tent Germany is the contracting party. We ensure the timely payment of rent.

We maintain the property

All sites are maintained by us and our service providers. So you don't have to worry about your property.

We are the contact for problems

If problems arise with hosts, you have nothing to do with it. We take care of everything and are also your contact person.


Our guests appreciate the privacy during their stay. Therefore, the property should be protected from prying eyes as much as possible.
Ask yourself the question: Would you want to spend the night in a transparent tent on this property?

Electricity and water

The plot should have electricity or at least have the possibility of connection. A water connection (garden water) is not mandatory, but is an advantage.

No building permit required

Our concept is enacted in the field of “flying buildings”. Therefore, a building permit is not required.

Feel free to send us your suggestion

Please give us as much information as possible about your property.