We for more sustainability

Bubble Tent Germany is particularly concerned with closeness to nature and sustainability. We offset all CO2 emissions from our sites and are committed to regular independent product controls.

At the beginning of 2023, every second site will already be powered by solar energy. Since the use of solar energy alone is not always technically possible, we obtain the remaining demand from renewable energy sources.

CO2 compensation

As part of a CO2 audit of Bubble Tent Germany, an annual CO2 emission of 5.5 t was determined. We were able to reduce this to 3.8 t in less than four months. We regularly offset the remaining CO2 emissions through exciting projects, such as “Efficient cooking systems for families in Nigeria” and “Power generation from mustard residues in India”.

Dekra certification

Bubble Tent Germany produces exclusively with TPU materials. These are subject to the REACH regulation and are regularly tested by DEKRA. Our materials are recyclable, free of harmful substances and food safe. The test report can be viewed at any time under the number PB2226955.

Our climate protection projects

Efficient cooking systems for families in Nigeria

With our contribution can 2 cooking systems be financed. These save 80% Energy in.

Power generation from mustard residues in India

With our contribution 5 households can buy a Supplied with renewable electricity for a year be

Construction of biogas plants for households in Kenya

With our contribution can be a Biogas stove, which uses the gas from a plant is running, will be financed.