Our concept

How does the cooperation with Bubble Tent Germany work? Is the concept suitable for me at all? What do I need to bring with me?

We have the answers to these and other questions for you.

Want to run your own bubble tent?

We see ourselves as a manufacturer and partner of high quality bubble tents. With our expertise, we can help you operate your own Bubble Tent site.

Our TPU – Premium models are 100% recyclable, toxin free and food safe. We therefore give you 48 months warranty on all tent components!

Learn more about what collaboration can look like.

You have a plot of land?

We are continuously looking for new properties for our Bubble Tents.

We would be happy to lease a plot of land from you if it fits our concept.

Learn more about the requirements for a potential site.

You want to become an operator?

Bubble Tent Germany works closely with operators. We provide the Bubble Tent and the necessary equipment and you ensure the ongoing operation.

As a partner, we give you a fair share of the overnight revenue.

Learn more about how you can become a Bubble Tent operator.

We create moments.

Few things connect with nature like a night in a bubble tent.

Guests experience dreamlike motifs, breathtaking landscapes and a fascinating view of the starry sky.

Full project support

Building a site means the need for good planning. We give you the backing and security that your project will be successfully implemented.

Validated business model

We already have over 18 locations, and 18 more are currently in the planning stage. 90% of existing sites were already profitable in the first quarter.

Our heart

At the heart of our Bubble Tent Community is our online booking portal. This portal gives you maximum visibility and presence, more sales, more guests and higher turnover. www.book-a-bubble.de