We have summarized the most important questions and answers for you.

  • Bubble Tent Germany produces Bubble Tents and distributes them in the European area. We build sites with our future hosts and support you in the day-to-day operations of the site and marketing.

  • Yes, this serves a unified appearance of our large Bubble Tent Germany family and benefits all locations.

  • We work closely with our partners and always have an open ear for our hosts and customers. The operational management of your site is, of course, solely your responsibility.

  • If you purchase a Bubble Tent from us and want to set up a location, you ideally already have some experience as a host, or in dealing with guests. If you don’t have any experience yet, but enjoy interacting with people, you are well prepared for your own Bubble Tent. We will be happy to assist you in setting up your first own Bubble Tent location.

  • Yes. You purchase the Bubble Tent from us and operate it independently. We only take an agency fee for each night booked with us.
  • No. We do not take any franchise fee.
  • The Bubble Tent is inflated by a silent air turbine that maintains a slight positive pressure into the bubble. Since the outer wall is structureless, this slight pressure keeps the bubble in shape. The slight overpressure is generally hardly noticed and is harmless.

  • Basically, if the tent is exposed to the sun’s rays permanently or for a long time, it may suffer damage, such as deformation of the surface. A sun awning can significantly extend the life of the tent. This protects against sunlight, bird droppings and other contaminants and prevents the tent from heating up.

    From a technical point of view, our tents can be used up to a temperature of +60 °C without hesitation. At permanently low temperatures, embrittlement is to be expected. (See: How to store the bubble over the winter).

    But since our tents are not insulated, they inevitably heat up in the sun. Cooling of the interior is then urgently necessary. A mobile air conditioner is a good option here to cool down the inside of the tent. The greatest safety in heating is ensured by special electric heaters, which are also available from us.

  • If the Bubble Tent is anchored correctly, it will remain standing up to wind force 8. We have now used a new anchoring system in Gutach im Breisgau. This allows us to cope with higher wind loads.

  • The turbine keeps the air fresh and the permanent air flow avoids problems with humidity. The atmosphere inside the bubble is perceived as pleasant – our measurements have shown that the air is about 9 times “cleaner” than outside – without condensation, mosquitoes, dust or allergens.

  • TPU stands for “Thermoplastic Polyurethane” and is often referred to as the middle ground between rubber and plastic. Our premium models are made of TPU and are consequently free of harmful phalates.

    TPU is 100% recyclable, toxin-free and food safe.

  • Independent material tests and laboratory results indicate a service life of around 10 years – however, we do not yet have any reliable reference values over such a long period of time and there are countless factors that shorten or lengthen a service life, such as:
    • UV radiation
    • Storm
    • Natural pollution (bird droppings, sand, salt water)
    • Consumer soiling (grease, food or drink stains, sunscreen or other stains from daily use).
  • Our Bubble Tents can also be operated during the winter months.

    If you want to take a break during the winter months, the tents can be stored outside (folded) for the winter. However, over time, the effects of weathering and temperature fluctuations cause small microcracks to form in the outer skin, where dirt and bacteria can settle. The tents then become increasingly unsightly and the cleaning process also becomes more complex. It is recommended to store the tents outside under protective covers or in a protected indoor space.

  • Under no circumstances should you use harsh cleaners or hard brushes! Clean the outside of the tent with a soft brush from dust and other particulate contamination.

    You can remove strong stains with a soft cloth, lukewarm water and a few squirts of perfume-free dishwashing liquid. Rub into dirty areas, leave on for a short time and rinse well. If you want to achieve a better cleaning effect, reach for a special tent cleaner.

    For our light-colored plastic zippers, spread soapy water on the teeth with a cotton swab, or put a drop of silicone spray on a rag and rub it over the zipper teeth. We have had good experience with the following product: YACHTICON zipper & piping pull-in spray 200ml.

  • The air turbine must be powered by electricity. But where there is no public grid, a self-sufficient solar system with battery storage can take over the supply completely.

    We will be happy to advise you personally on all important decisions concerning your entry into the world of bubble tents.

  • The motor is a single-phase ball-bearing motor and has high-efficiency parameters. Since we meet all the present requirements for a long service life of the device, we assume about 35,000 – 40,000 operating hours. This corresponds to about 4-5 years of full capacity utilization.

  • Our blowers have a maximum power consumption of 55 watts, which are operated over a period of 24h, 7 days a week.

    With an electricity price of 0.33 € per kWh and a consumption per day of 1.32 kWh, this corresponds to 0.44 €/day.

    4 weeks = 6,10 kWh 24,39 €

    per year: 480,48 kWh = 158,56 €

    This is a model calculation. The actual consumption depends on various influencing factors and may vary depending on the location.

  • Basically, the tent is intended only for stay from the evening to the morning hours, because in the midday heat can not ensure a comfortable temperature.

    In order to manage cooling of the interior temperature even without air conditioning, the hoses of the blower are laid under the ground in a length of about 3m. This cools the incoming air and causes the temperature inside the tent to drop below the outside temperature. The fan completely exchanges the air in the tent in a maximum of 5 min, thus providing constant cooling with fresh air.

    Additional cooling by air conditioning is not excluded here, but we can report no complaints from customers about heat or uncomfortable temperature in the tent.

  • We have already opened 18 locations. 6 of them are partners. You can find an excerpt here:

Bubble Tent Elzach

Bubble Tent Gutach

Bubble Tent Ellenberg

Bubble Tent Gerbstedt

Bubble Tent Furtwangen

Bubble Tent Zehdenick

  • Bubble Tent Germany distributes bubble tents and offers the booking platform Book a Bubble. As a rule, we do not operate our own sites.

  • We start marketing campaigns and pre-sales even before a new location opens. For example, we have specially developed test sleep actions for this purpose. These already bring you the first guests and their feedback even before the official opening.

    Our marketing agency supports you with extensive measures to fill your booking calendar.

  • This depends, among other things, on your concept and the location of your site. Based on our experience, we expect an average utilization rate of at least 60%. As a rule, the sites pay for themselves within the first six months. As of the beginning of 2023, no site has taken longer than one season to show sustainable profitability.

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