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Few things connect you with nature like a night in a bubble tent. Fantastic motifs, breathtaking landscapes and fascinating views await you.

Become a host now with your own Bubble Tent!

How does our Bubble Tent work?
Our Bubble Tent consists of a 12.5 square meter dome with a 2.7 square meter adjoining airlock. The dome is transparent to one side and upwards, allowing a panoramic view of nature during the day and the stars at night. It is maintained by a slight overpressure generated by a small air turbine. We have developed the air turbine especially for our bubble tents. It exchanges all the air in the tent approx. every 5 minutes and has an energy consumption of only 35-55 watts. We also attached great importance to ensuring that the fan is very quiet at just under 20 dm and that our guests are not disturbed while they sleep.

Quality and sustainability are very important to us.
We therefore give a 48-month guarantee on all our Bubble Tent components! Of course, we are aware that we have a special responsibility towards nature. That’s why we only use TPU materials for our tents that are free from harmful chemicals. To ensure our high quality standards, we have subjected our products to thorough testing in accordance with the European REACH Regulation. We are proud that all our bubble tents are certified by DEKRA “REACH” (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).

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